Meet in the Middle

My mantra, so to speak, is creating compromise with any and all situations to get an outcome where all parties involved will have some say-so and be happy with the meet in the middle. This theme of a middle ground has always directed my thoughts and actions, so taking a piece here, and a piece there to come up with a name for my company that defined the essence of who I am was a here is how AnneLayne came to be.
(1) My middle name is after my mother, my first best friend in life, whose middle name was also Ann.
(2) I married my second best friend in life, and both my boys have pieces of his name (again the theme of a piece here, and a piece there...), and his middle name is Layne.
Putting it together...AnnLayne...but it's AnneLayne, you say? Yep, the extra "e" behind Ann stands for our last name, Edwards...and it gives it a more balanced look, too!

I am a mother to 2 very athletic boys, and a wife to an amazingly patient man. I am a graduate of LSU in Civil Engineering, so designing things is sort of a personality flaw of mine...this on a simpler scale. My Etsy shop plays a role in many stay at home mommies and hobbyists that want to make money attending craft fairs or to add to their Etsy-shop of painted items they can offer. They take my unfinished pieces of wood art and create a whole new level of fun and interest for others to enjoy. I am beyond thrilled to see photos of the finished product of someone else's creative ingenuity. That is what this is about...having a creative mind to take a blank piece of wood and make it your own. Again, a piece here, and a piece there... a piece of my creativity and a piece of your creativity to make something uniquely yours.


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