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I am happy to help you achieve what you might have in mind. However, having to design from scratch or change any listing in any way to suit your needs takes quite a bit of time. To insure that the requester is serious about purchasing a custom sign and has a clear understanding of the time it takes in this design process, this custom design work will only be started once we have discussed the small details, sizing, fonts, etc., and I have received payment for the custom order request. Please keep in mind, I do not offer refunds for any reason. Please read all the details below.

This Custom Design listing is for EXTRA Complex designs- 5 features
Could be a combination of Fonts, shapes, Frames, words/names on more than 1 line connected as 1 piece, etc., or the determination by me from your request that will substantiate longer than usual time.
Below you will find all Custom Design listings.

○●SIMPLE●○- 1 Feature

○●SIMPLEX●○- 2 Features

○●COMPLEX●○- 3 Features

○●MEDIUM COMPLEX●○- 4 Features

○●EXTRA COMPLEX●○- 5 Features


1) A request for anything that I do not have listed or an alteration in something that I do have listed is considered a custom design. HOWEVER, if you are looking for a particular shape, please ask me if I have it, as I have many shapes that I don’t have listed (states, animals, miscellaneous objects), and I can just list that shape for you as a regularly priced listing.

2) If you still need a custom design after reading No. 1, click on the “Ask a question” link in this listing. Describe to me in detail by words AND a sketch what you are looking for. This requires a bit of homework, a photo, and possibly research on YOUR part.

I will need to know:

a) Size of the piece

b) Font- be specific as to what font for what word if you have multiple words and want multiple fonts

c) Objects you may want to include in the sign- Football, Ballerina, butterfly, panther, etc.

d) Sketch or image of what you have in mind <-- MOST IMPORTANT

I will need to know this information to know whether or not what you are wanting is within my abilities of what I can do and what I can find to complete your request. Once I get an idea from the above information, I will get back with you, and we can move forward.

3) Once I give you the "Thumbs-up”, you will purchase this listing according to the size of the piece that you have in mind. The purchase price comes with an initial proof based on the information that you have provided in your original message and 2 Revisions if needed.

4) When you submit back to me your revisions, make a list of what you want to be changed, AND also label/point out your desired changes on my latest revision (you can print out the image, mark on it in RED, and simply take a clear photo of your mark-ups to upload back into an Etsy Conversation of your order).

5) It is very important that you supply all the information that I need in step 2 and 4 so that I can create your art work in the fewest number of revisions possible. If there is a need for more revisions, you can click on the listing below and purchase more revisions at $10 per Additional Revision.

6) Once your payment has been made, no cancellations will be accepted.

7) Coupon Codes are not allowed on Custom Design work...this listing.


1) The size of the piece is priced by the longest side. My table limitations are 48”x40”.

2) I will start working on your revisions within 12-72 hours of you sending them back to me. How quickly you receive your order will be largely based on the number of revisions needed and your ability to respond quickly to my revision updates.

3) Just so you know, I mostly do this design work in my spare time in the evenings. I have 2 very athletic boys, I work during the day, and we are a busy family in general. I ask that you prepare your thoughts and plan ahead of time (1-2 weeks) to give me time in this design process. Please do not expect your custom order ‘yesterday’. There will be times that I will not be able to complete revisions before 48 hours of you sending me back your revision list and sketches.

4) If you need to speak to me by phone, you may call me at 225-7AL-CRE8 (225-725-2738). I try to answer every call from 9 AM to 4 PM.

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Please check the Shop Announcements (under my shop banner) for any shipping delays due to short-term shop closures or the Holiday hustle-and-bustle that there might be during your purchase period.

You can expect to receive the item as it appears in the listing photo. Nothing more. At times, we tape the inner cut out pieces back into the negative (surrounding wood piece) to assist in the stability of the item during shipment. They will typically fall out once the tape is removed from the back. We do not always package the items the same, and each time you may or may not receive those helper-pieces in the packaging. It is up to our shippers to determine when and if they are needed. Please, do not expect to receive the helper piece / negative on the 4th time if you have received it 3 times before. We use them simply to aid in shipping at times. Do Not Plan Them For Your Project.

------------------PERSONALIZED ITEMS------------------

If this is a personalized item where the buyer determines custom text and font selections for the design, it is important for the buyer to supply me with all the information needed to design the item. It is also important for the buyer to maintain constant contact with their Etsy messenger so that we can maintain communication during the design process if I need to clarify notes given to me in the order. While Etsy may give an estimated Arrival Time, not having the information needed when I design the sign may delay the production and processing of the sign, thus delaying the Arrival Time.

Etsy's Arrival Time is an ESTIMATE ONLY. The most important factors that drive this objective is:
1) Me having all the information needed to complete the design (buyer controls this),
2) The number of revisions necessary to complete the sign (buyer controls this), and
3) The courier keeping their estimated timeline (courier controls this).

Keep in mind, every revision can delay the Arrival Time by 1 day. The original Arrival Time considers NO revisions. It only considers that the first design preview will be approved and sent to the shop to be cut and shipped your way.

Custom / Personalized orders' design work begins as soon as you submit your order gathering the files and information needed for the order. Therefore, these orders are not eligible for cancellation. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If the order is lacking information when I begin the design, and I can not finish it, I will attempt to contact the buyer via ETSY MESSENGER. After 2 attempts of trying to get clarification OR I try to reach out the night before it is scheduled to be shipped, and there has been no response in a timely manner, I will do one of 2 things at my discretion:
1) If I am given the text and no font choice, I will design the item in the font shown on the Main Listing Photo or in a Popular Font.
2) If text and font information is not given in the order notes, I will conclude that the order has been abandoned, and I will cancel it. If this happens, I will refund the buyer less 30% of the ORIGINAL PRICE of the order for allocation of the Design Time Fee that is built into the price of the item. This reimburses my time spent on the order gathering the information, notifying the shop, preparing shipping queue, collecting files, and communications to attempt to fulfil the order that will ultimately be cancelled.

Any attempt to reach out to us via any other method of communication other than Etsy Messenger WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. This method keeps all the order details in once place, which is makes for the Best Practice for reducing order mistakes.


Unless otherwise noted in the SHAPE SPECIFICS area above, we use ¼” Baltic Birch Plywood for our laser cut wood pieces…perfect for crafting. For more, detailed information, see 'Additional Policies and FAQs' in the 'Policies' Tab above.

------------------IDEAS FOR USE------------------

Personalize a nursery or child's room
Personalize your front door
Create a personalized wall hanging
Add a personal touch to craft projects
Create your own wood signs
Photo Props
Teacher Gifts
Co-worker Gifts
Graduation Gifts
Holiday Gifts
Special Events
Religious Events
Wall Art
Photo Transfer
Door Hangers
Birth Announcement
Sports Sign
Bleacher Sign
Dance Props
Cheer Props
Class Room Display Sign
Craft Fair Display Sign
Expo Sign
School Projects
Craft Parties
School Spirit
Housewarming Gift
House Closing Gift

------------------SHOP POLICIES------------------

By making a purchase from AnneLayneToo, you are agreeing to all of our policies. Therefore, it is very important that you understand the following before you purchase your items through AnneLayneToo...


ANY Designs, Graphic Images, and Photographs found in my listings and in my shop are the property of AnneLayne. I do not allow my designs to be copied in any form for resell. You may, however, purchase my listing, take the unfinished piece and create a whole new level of fun and interest, and resell it in your Etsy shop, at a craft fair, gift-it to a special someone, use it for an event, or keep it for yourself.

At AnneLayne, we do our part in our wood & acrylic shop (AnneLayne Too) and the metal shop (AnneLayne Metal Art) to keep our materials and processes in good favor with the environment. Below are some ways we are actively doing our part:
1) Eco-Friendly- Our materials and processes are environmentally friendly when in production and when used as intended by our clients.
2) Recyclable- It is always recommended that our clients upcycle and repurpose their items if they wish to present them with a different look. However, Plywood, Acrylic, and especially Steel and Aluminum are recyclable materials.
3) Renewable Natural Resource- Wood forests, today, are being replenished faster than they are being depleted. It is a valuable asset as a business to work with renewable natural resources.
4) Non-Toxic- Our metal items can be finished with powder-coating. It contains zero VOCs, no hazardous air pollutants, and does not give-off gas. This is a non-toxic alternative to liquid paints.
5) Energy Output- It takes little energy to make vast amounts of steel.
6) Low Carbon Footprint and Minimal Waste- The machinery used in laser cutting and plasma cutting leaves a low carbon footprint, and the waste that is left is minimal, reusable, or none at all.

We should all do our part to protect this beautiful place with which we reside for a short while. We hope you appreciate our efforts to protect the Earth for future generations, and we look forward to your continued support of our small business.

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