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------------------SHAPE SPECIFICS------------------

G Cutout

Dimensions for each size are located in the ‘Size’ drop down option. They represent the image as you see it in the photo from the extreme boundaries... top-most to bottom-most and left-most to right-most points or vice versa. Sizes with 1 dimension represent the height (or diameter if applicable).

The size you need is relative to the project you are working on. ALWAYS, measure for your project at hand. For Measuring and Sizing Suggestions, see Note 17 in the Additional Policies and FAQs.


The purchase of an unfinished piece of art is the best way to get exactly what you want and not have to wait weeks for a finished painted item that may not be to your standards. That can be a pricey risk to take. Our items / KITs come unfinished for you to make pretty to your liking. If you need ideas about how to finish your unfinished items, search Etsy for "door hanger", "painted sign", "stained sign", or "wooden sign". You will get many ideas of how to color match or painting techniques. Find one that suits your needs, and find a HOW TO on YouTube to watch. There are TONS. NicCreates is a good one. She also has YouTube videos. Or you can search “wood painting techniques” on YouTube for additional HOW TOs.

Some additional keywords to search YouTube for videos:
-old and weathered
-Shabby Chic
-faux wood grain
-paint wood grain texture
-antique finish
-faux burl wood
-salt wash painting
-dry brushing
-acrylic painting
-photo transfer
-metallic spray paint
-solid color spray paint

Wear old clothes.
Work in a well-ventilated area, garage, or workshop.
While they come lightly sanded, you may want to sand it a bit more. I always do.
Always keep your painting area clean of debris. Wipe-down the piece and your space really well after you sand it.
Find a clean, level, area to work on. Use a painter’s cloth on the workspace to catch spills and splatters.
Use acrylic paint if you are painting 1 whole piece multiple colors and it will be indoors.
Use outdoor house paint for putting it outdoors. You can get a variety of colors in sample quantities.
Use spray paint if you need 1 color for 1 piece (or if you need it for a bottom layer color).
These stain great too. (A dark stain under a light paint “weathered” with a hand sander is beautiful.)
Always seal your work with a sealer (front, back and edges). It will protect the item and give the piece longevity indoors and outdoors.
Sponge brushes work best.

------------------NEED THIS IN METAL INSTEAD?------------------

I suppose it was just a matter of time. This has been 6 months in the making, but we are anxiously loading the AnneLayneMetalArt shop with yard art, wreath/metal-art door hangers, wall hangings, etc.

If you need something in metal, visit us at:

I can list any design that is listed here, there. That's actually the plan, so if you see a design here that you would rather have in metal, send me a message through the metal shop, and I will list it for you if it is not there already:)

Custom Designs are also welcome. We can brake metal and weld metal, so your ideas are endless as to what we can do for you!

------------------NEED YOUR ORDER RUSHED?------------------


We can guarantee that your order is shipped out the next business day. We will put your order at the top of the queue-- first in line to be cut and shipped on the next business day.

Use this ADD-ON listing for us to rush our production and processing for your order:

------------------NEED HOLES OR A SLOT FOR HANGING?------------------

●1● If you need holes in the piece you are purchasing, that is easily accomplished. Please tell me that in 'Add a note to AnneLayneToo' section **AT CHECKOUT** and tell me 1 or 2 holes and where you want them.

Please use this format:
How many Holes?
Where, EXACTLY, do you want Hole 1?
Where, EXACTLY, do you want Hole 2 (if needed)?


If you ask for 1 hole, BE SPECIFIC as to where you want the hole if the piece you are purchasing does not have vertical symmetry (right and left sides match if the shape is folded in half). Typically, 2 holes are put in irregular shaped pieces to allow you to adjust your hanging apparatus for level hanging of unbalanced pieces like these.


Our intention is to get it right 100% of the time, but if we misunderstand your notes for holes, we will not replace the item. Wood putty will patch the holes, and a 5/32 drill bit can be used to drill new ones.


●2● If you need a slot in your piece to hang with our metal door hanger,
we can place it on the top center of your wood cut out as long as it is a circle, square, rectangle, or symmetric shape provided that shape gives us space at the top to add the slot. Please tell me that in 'Add a note to AnneLayneToo' section **AT CHECKOUT**.


If a message is sent after the purchase, I can't guarantee it will be read prior to cutting and packaging as things move fast around here, so make sure to put your request in the notes when you checkout. Also, if we are not told a specific location for the holes, we will place them where we feel is best. If where we think is best was not what you envisioned, this does not warrant a refund.

There is no charge for this. YES. It is FREE!!

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Fast Free Shipping...We ESTIMATE your purchase from order to door in 7 business days or less (see Shipping Policy #4 for details) for all items delivered within the continental US.

We will ship to Alaska, Hawaii, APOs and the US Territories, HOWEVER, there is an additional shipping fee associated with purchases to those areas. Please use the link below as an add-on to your order if your destination address is in any of these areas.


You will receive a tracking number once your items have shipped. We ARE NOT responsible for UPS/USPS/FedEx delays in shipping. Should you have concerns with regard to your package shipment timeline, please direct your inquiries to UPS (1-800-742-5877) / USPS (1-800-275-8777) / FedEx (1-800-463-3339) and let their experts help you. We are certainly not the expert in their business, so we will always defer to them to answer their shipping questions.

Please check the Shop Announcements (under my shop banner) for any shipping delays due to short-term shop closures or the Holiday hustle-and-bustle that there might be during your purchase period.

------------------PERSONALIZED ITEMS------------------

If this is a personalized item where the buyer determines custom text and font selections for the design, it is important for the buyer to supply me with all the information needed to design the item. It is also important for the buyer to maintain constant contact with their Etsy messenger so that we can maintain communication during the design process if I need to clarify notes given to me in the order. While Etsy may give an estimated Arrival Time, not having the information needed when I design the sign may delay the production and processing of the sign, thus delaying the Arrival Time.

Etsy's Arrival Time is an ESTIMATE ONLY. The most important factors that drive this objective is:
1) Me having all the information needed to complete the design (buyer controls this),
2) The number of revisions necessary to complete the sign (buyer controls this), and
3) The courier keeping their estimated timeline (courier controls this).

Keep in mind, every revision can delay the Arrival Time by 1 day. The original Arrival Time considers NO revisions. It only considers that the first design preview will be approved and sent to the shop to be cut and shipped your way.

Custom / Personalized orders' design work begins as soon as you submit your order gathering the files and information needed for the order. Therefore, these orders are not eligible for cancellation. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If the order is lacking information when I begin the design, and I can not finish it, I will attempt to contact the buyer via ETSY MESSENGER. After 2 attempts of trying to get clarification OR I try to reach out the night before it is scheduled to be shipped, and there has been no response in a timely manner, I will do one of 2 things at my discretion:
1) If I am given the text and no font choice, I will design the item in the font shown on the Main Listing Photo or in a Popular Font.
2) If text and font information is not given in the order notes, I will conclude that the order has been abandoned, and I will cancel it. If this happens, I will refund the buyer less 30% of the ORIGINAL PRICE of the order for allocation of the Design Time Fee that is built into the price of the item. This reimburses my time spent on the order gathering the information, notifying the shop, preparing shipping queue, collecting files, and communications to attempt to fulfil the order that will ultimately be cancelled.

Any attempt to reach out to us via any other method of communication other than Etsy Messenger WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. This method keeps all the order details in once place, which is makes for the Best Practice for reducing order mistakes.


Unless otherwise noted in the SHAPE SPECIFICS area above, we use ¼” Baltic Birch Plywood for our laser cut wood pieces…perfect for crafting. For more, detailed information, see 'Additional Policies and FAQs' in the 'Shipping and Policies' Tab above.

------------------IDEAS FOR USE------------------

Personalize a nursery or child's room
Personalize your front door
Create a personalized wall hanging
Add a personal touch to craft projects
Create your own wood signs
Photo Props
Teacher Gifts
Co-worker Gifts
Graduation Gifts
Holiday Gifts
Special Events
Religious Events
Wall Art
Photo Transfer
Door Hangers
Birth Announcement
Sports Sign
Bleacher Sign
Dance Props
Cheer Props
Class Room Display Sign
Craft Fair Display Sign
Expo Sign
School Projects
Craft Parties
School Spirit
Housewarming Gift
House Closing Gift

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------------------SHOP POLICIES------------------

By making a purchase from AnneLayneToo, you are agreeing to all of our policies. Therefore, it is very important that you understand the following before you purchase your items through AnneLayneToo...

ANY Designs, Graphic Images, and Photographs found in my listings and in my shop are the property of AnneLayne. I do not allow my designs to be copied in any form for resell. You may, however, purchase my listing, take the unfinished piece and create a whole new level of fun and interest, and resell it in your Etsy shop, at a craft fair, gift-it to a special someone, use it for an event, or keep it for yourself.

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Excellent quality. Exactly as described. Packed well - received it quickly Great updates on delivery Highly recommend this seller

these are great! I am painting them to add to my UGA wreaths.

Received my item in a couple days of ordering! Love the way it was packaged! Will definitely order many times again!!!💜💜💜

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